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Size: 35.60M Updated: 2016-03-17 Types of: 免费 The latest version: 1.5.17 Developer: SkyFox
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    • 1.5.17
    • 35.60M
    • 2015-10-22
    • Android 2.3以上
    • 1.0.3
    • 28.94M
    • 2014-11-24
    • Android 2.2.x以上

Fox on the 1st Applications Introduction

"Fox One FoxOne Free" is a flight simulation game. You are one of the country's largest rice ace fighter aviation in the harbor. This is a recent Gulf some less unusual. The commander decided to send you out to perform a task, to clean out these invaders. Operation is very simple game, the left has a virtual keys control the direction of flight and aiming right you can switch weapons attack, as well as with their own heavy machine guns, and acceleration buttons ~

Fox on the 1st Application screenshot

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